Vicky Emerson and Sarah Morris Come Together as The Home Fires

By Andrew Ellis, Editor-in-Chief

The Home Fires: Vicky Emerson (left), Sarah Morris (right)

When mutual friends keep telling you need to meet someone it’s bound to happen. That’s how it all began for country singer-songwriters Vicky Emerson and Sarah Morris. It turns out they had tons in common including the balancing act of motherhood and having a music career.

“We started touring together to save money and also it’s more fun to tour with a friend,” says Emerson.

They also started learning each others more recent songs which led to them finding out fans love when they harmonize. Those longs drives also fueled the creative juices, and they took full advantage of it.

“Sarah brings her son’s small guitar and she plucks out melodies in the front seat,” Emerson says. “I drive and we write songs together when we are out on the road.”

As they started this duo they needed a name. They chose The Home Fires because ‘Home” represents their love for their children and families, and ‘Fire’ represents their undying passion for music and songwriting.

They are currently in the midst of working on new music, but aren’t sure whether it will be an EP or full album. But one song fans can expect to hear is a song called “Beehive,” which they wrote while driving through Wisconsin. Now, what kind of song earns that title?

“The theme is perhaps making a woman mad is not a wise decision,” Emerson says.

Along with Morris’ clear melodic voice and Emerson’s warm, weathered harmony, both of their personalities shine through as well.

“We are both fairly high energy, joyful people, so that comes across in our stage show,” Morris says. “We like to have fun.”

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