Why Should I Join?

Imagine a network of thousands of musicians in the Midwest with which you could build relationships and collaborate with on numerous aspects of writing and performing…

Imagine a fan base that is eager to learn about your music, eager to engage with your brand, and wants to support you, your music, and your career…

Imagine a network of businesses & venues that are interested in supporting the artist community and want to tap into the country music scene in the Midwest…

Most of all, imagine a non-profit organization that is built upon the collective idea of building this EXACT NETWORK and serving to cultivate the country music community in the Midwest….what you’d have is the Midwest Country Music Organization!

What does this mean for Me as a member of the Midwest Country Music Industry? You can network with others all working on their own goals, and assisting the community to help them achieve theirs. Important things that the Midwet Country Music Organization works to offer their fans include:

  • Midwest Country Music Originals – A syndicated radio program broadcasting across 4 states and nearly 20 stations!
  • Midwest Country Music Writer’s Rounds – Hosted by member artists, and featuring performers from the Midwest Country Music Association showcasing their original music at various venues throughout the Midwest.
  • Midwest Country Music Event Calendar – A Calendar for members to let fans of Midwest Country Music know where to find member artists & events.
  • Midwest County Music Organization Annual Awards Show Weekend- A Yearly celebration of artists and the industry featuring Red Carpet, Performances, Award Presentations and a Networking Conference that encourages growth within the industry. 

On behalf of Midwest Country Music Organization, we would like to extend a warm invitation to join our community!   


  • Connections to gigs both locally and regionally
  • Exposure via radio/podcasts/newsletters/website/social & much more!
  • Programming such as songwriting/business workshops
  • Collaboration through the Artist “Member Only” forum
  • Artist community through sponsored events such as Songwriter Showcases and Country Mix-up
  • Access to industry experts and discounts on goods/services
  • Annual Midwest Country Music Organization  Awards 
  • Whatever you THINK is right, because this organization is built to SERVE YOU!  

In addition, we are launching several new programs this fall and will continue to grow based on great suggestions and connections from members like you.   

  • Growing and maturing our regional artist and sponsor connections
  • Bringing valuable industry expertise closer to our artists through a formal Business Membership program
  • Increasing artist visibility to the fans through new sponsored events and our first annual award show in 1st quarter 2019. 

Will you be a part of shaping the country music community in the Midwest?  Will you leave a legacy for further generations of musicians?  We look forward to having you on our team!

Midwest Country Music Organization Board of Directors
Paul Thomas “PT”,  Matt Graunke, Ryan Pilgrim, Bob Keseley

Membership is welcome to participants in the Country Music Entertainment Industry that reside, frequent, or have a strong connection to the Midwest Region. The Midwest Country Music Organization is not a booking agency or PR firm, thus membership does not imply guaranteed participation in organized events.