Tim Sigler Gets Ready for a Night of Church

By Andrew Ellis, Editor-in-Chief

Tim Sigler had a blast when he was in his Bruce Springsteen tribute band. There was nothing better than paying his respects to one of his musical heroes by letting the veins in his face show as he belted out “Born in the U.S.A.” or breaking it down with “Atlantic City.”

It’s an idea he’s been trying to bring over to the country realm for a while. But who would be so worthy?

Then he remembered a man many call ‘Chief’. A man who also happens to have a signature song called “Springsteen” that’s full reference to the Boss’ music.

“Eric Church seemed like the perfect fit since he’s all about energy and passion,” he says. “Which is what we look for while performing our bar gigs.”

The inaugural Eric Church Fest will take place on June 1st at the Dog House Bar & Grill in Maplewood. Opening the show will be fellow MidwestCMA members Travis Carder (formerly known as Travis Doig), Crossing Croix’s TJ Christensen, Ben Johnson, and Anderson Daniels. Armed with just their guitars, they’ll be playing some of their favorite Church tunes before Tim Sigler and his band take the stage.

Sigler’s been doing his homework, too. When he decided to do this nearly 8 weeks ago he only knew 5 or 6 Church songs, so he and his band have been hard at work bringing that number to 20. And it’s not easy, because Church isn’t known for recording cookie cutter songs.

“I find the hardest one is the latest one I’m learning,” he says. “Only so much space for cramming lyrics into this head of mine.”

This show will also serve as a way to tie fans over until the man himself comes to town for another show, which likely won’t be for a while. And Minnesota has a special place in its heart for Eric Church. Once he got kicked off the Rascal Flatts tour for playing too long he went out on his own, and made several stops at the Cabooze before graduating to the State Theater and then two sold out tour stops (and counting) at the Target Center.

Every time he comes back to give it his all the fans give it right on back. And Sigler has an idea why.

“I think it goes back to the energy and passion of his music,” he says. “Eric Church is the real deal, and Minnesota recognizes that.

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