Tim Cheesebrow to Celebrate His New Album With a Unique Release Show

By Andrew Ellis, Editor-in-Chief

​When you attend Tim Cheesebrow‘s album release show tonight at the Art Works, an arts co-op in Eagan, you should know this won’t be your average concert. He’ll play the songs off the album, but there will be another aspect you may not expect: real-time visual art.

“When I had a chat with the folks at Art Works about putting on a show, the natural thing to do seemed to be including a visual component,” Cheesebrow says. “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to see this all come together.”

He says it will be like an extra long episode of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting TV show. And these kinds of artistic experiences aren’t new to him. In addition to music composition he also studied studio art in college, specializing in installations.

“They’re basically entire rooms that create a curated experience designed to elicit a specific reaction, thought, or emotion,” he says. “In those installations I would frequently combine visual elements with sound, motion sensor lighting, touch, perspective, movement, found that the impact of the artistic idea was so much deeper when multiple senses were involved.”

Adding that visual aspect will be Amy Cerny Vasterling. She was actually recommended by the Art Works artistic director, and Cheesebrow reached out to because of her abstract style. Everyone in attendance will be mailed a copy of the finished piece, and he feels an abstract style would fit well on anyone’s wall.

“Also, I felt that the use of pure colors and shapes was more appropriate for what we were trying to capture,” he says. “Which is the essence of a live music performance.”

She’ll be painting as Cheesebrow and his friend upright bassist Matt Blake perform songs off Cheesebrow’s new album The Well Traveled Unknown, as well as some yet unreleased songs. People will be able witness art inspire a brand new piece of art as the music plays.

“I have no idea how it’s going to turn out,” he says of the release show. “But that’s part of what makes it fun.”

There will also be a cocktail hour beforehand which will have his new album playing as people visit, and there will also be time to visit after the show.

“It will be casual, fun, and hopefully unforgettable,” he says.

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