Sarah Morris’ “Good at Goodbye” is an Ode to Travelers

By Andrew Ellis, Editor-in-Chief

Many think a life of music is a life dedicated to road. And for many musicians this is true. But Sarah Morris is a rare breed.

“I’m a very ‘settle-down’ sort of person. I married my high school sweetheart, and we moved very close to both sets of parents,” she says.

She knows, though, that not everyone likes that way of life. She has friends who enjoy moving on after a certain amount of time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s moving to another place or closing door on a relationship.

“This song is kind of dedicated to the hearts that like to keep on traveling,” she says of “Good at Goodbye.”

The song’s origin is a little more unique than most, too. Morris takes part in a weekly songwriter challenge where they’re given a prompt, and a week to write a song based on that prompt. That week their word was ‘trunk,’ and it set her off on an unknown adventure.

“The first line came to me and I just got curious about where the story might go,” she says.

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