Sarah Morris’ “Falling Over” is About Learning from the Past

By Andrew Ellis, Editor-in-Chief

Learning from mistakes helps you avoid future ones. But the temptation is always there. Sarah Morris wrote about resisting that temptation in “Falling Over.”

“I liked the idea of someone who is tempted to pursue something he or she knows isn’t going to be a good idea,” she says. “And that person has the wisdom to avoid the temptation.”

She understands that change, that behavioral change, is hard to make. It would be so much easier to give into the desire and then face the consequences. Whether it be a a kind of person they don’t normally mix well with or something else.

“That final line in the chorus, ‘So I won’t be coming any closer, I’ve learned that cliffs are made for falling over’ is almost like snapping the rubber band when you’re trying to break a habit,” she says. 

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