Sarah Morris’ “Course Correction” was Inspired by Illness

By Andrew Ellis, Editor-in-Chief

Getting sick sucks. It’s even worse if you’re an artist that’s been on a roll. You have ideas but your pen feels like a 90-pound dumbbell, and it takes all your energy to write one word. You have ideas, but your body responds with, “No, give me warm bed now!”

It was an illness that knocked Sarah Morris down. She was closing in on the peak of Mount Creativity, and then started falling and hitting every single rock on the way down.

“I had recently gone through a period where I felt like I was rolling along in an upward pace,” Morris says. “And then I came down with this illness I could not shake and felt like I took a big tumble.”

When she finally gotten rid of her illness she got a prompt from her songwriting group. The word was ‘edge.’ Inspiration struck in an instant.

“The first line, ‘It was paper thin, if I had ever had one at all – how am I supposed to hold on to an edge so small,’ just came out,” she says of writing “Course Correction.”

She kept following the idea of when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. But for her song it transformed into “When you start falling, throw your arms out to make it look like flying.”

“The last line of the chorus is, ‘Now feels like the perfect time to once again begin,” she says. “I tell myself that on the regular. Any time is the right time to make a fresh start.”

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