Levi Pelzer Teases New Project with “The One That Got Away”

By Andrew Ellis, Editor in Chief

For Levi Pelzer, not just any song will do as he works on his upcoming EP. He was looking for something to follow his previous single, “Seeing Someone,” but not just chronologically. He wanted to continue the story.

“’Seeing Someone’ is a song about after going through a breakup and not being able to get your ex out of your head, and seeing your ex everywhere you go,” he says. “I wanted my next single to add to the storyline.”

His producer Jason Perri found just what he was looking for in “The One That Got Away.” It was written by Jesse Frasure and Cary Barlowe. Pelzer loved it right away, and the response when he plays it live has been really good, too.

“The song is about admitting your mistakes and not letting your loved be the one that got away,” he says. “It’s a very catchy up tempo track that fans are really getting into at our live shows.”

The single is currently available for download and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you download or stream music. Details regarding the rest of the EP will be revealed as they become available.

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