Kristine Wriding Performing on New “Saddle Up Stage” at the Minnesota Horse Expo

By Andrew Ellis, Editor-in-Chief

When the ground hog doesn’t see his shadow it means spring is on its way. But Kristine Wriding has her own, more reliable sign – the Minnesota Horse Expo. And as it turns out, horses have been as much a part of her life as music has.

“I began Showing horses at a young age,” she says. “And every year, my family and I could hardly wait until it was time for the Minnesota Horse Expo.”

She loved taking it all in. She’d smile ear to ear at all the different horses in the Parade of Breeds and in the horse barn. She also loved checking out all the newest horse trailers, and shopping for the best deals at the 4H Tack Swap. There were also plenty of seminars with respected horse trainers where she soaked up everything she could. And the food pretty good, too.

In 2012 she was able to combine her love of horses and music. Margo Gerdin, owner of the Lindstrom-based Saddle Up Clothing Company, caught word that Wriding was working on a new album and invited to perform at her booth at the expo.

“Since that time, Margo and I have formed a great working relationship,” she says. “She has invited me to sing at several expos.”

Those expos helped widen her reach considerably. She got to go to the Pomona Horse Expo in Pomona, California and the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin. This year marks her fourth at the Minnesota Horse Expo.

New this year is the “Saddle Up Stage” sponsored by Saddle Up Clothing in an effort to give country music more of a presence as the expo. Wriding is ecstatic that she gets to be part of the first year. She’ll be performing a mix of covers and originals.

“I get to meet so many wonderful people,” she says. “And I enjoy sharing my music with everyone!”

She’s especially excited to be performing the new material that makes up her new album, Just the Beginning. She’ll also be adding another first to her list.

“I will also be singing the national anthem before the rodeo on Sunday inside the Coliseum,” she says, adding that she’s also performed the national anthem at other horse shows as well as the WSCA Championship. “This will be my first time singing the national anthem at the Minnesota Horse Expo. I’m really excited about it.”

She’s a got a lot of traveling coming up as the weather warms up. She’ll be back up in Minnesota on BOB FM106.1‘s The Homegrown Show with Brian Powers on June 17th, and her new single, “Live, Laugh, Love,” is in regular rotation on the station as well.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was and still am to hear that great news!” she says.

The Minnesota Horse Expo runs from April 27th – 29th at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

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