Graham Bramblett Talks “Girl” and New Music

By Andrew Ellis, Editor-in-Chief

You never know when inspiration will strike. Texas native Graham Bramblett was driving across town in the Twin Cities when a hook for a song popped into his head. He pulled over and sang it into his phone, but didn’t think anything of it until a few weeks later.

“I was digging through all of the memos and that one popped out,” he says.

The lyric, “That girl/Lives up on the hill/Down from old stone church,” turned into the song “Girl” off his most recent album Under The Lights. While the song itself isn’t about any particular girl, the original lyric idea is.

“There was a girl that I dated that lived up on Cathedral Hill in St. Paul,” he says.

While he may still be playing songs from that record he’s getting ready to release another new record in early 2018 called Standard Harmony. He says fans can expect a sound that’s very stripped down.

“The approach we took was to remove some of the layers of production and just let the songs speak for themselves,” he says, adding that the record is mostly drums, bass, and his guitar. “We’ve layered some fiddle and pedal steel and I’ve asked some friends to sing some harmonies, but that’s about it.”

The upcoming album has 11 original tracks, and he is currently working on choosing the first single.

“We have not landed on a potential single at this point,” he says. “But I think there are a number of good candidates.”

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