Erin Grand Talks “Renegade” and BOB FM’s ‘Minnesota Country Salutes’ CD

By Andrew Ellis, Editor in Chief

Erin Grand knows the trials and tribulations of high school all too well. There’s endless homework, tests where you’ll probably forget half the information after you take it, and school rules that don’t make sense. Oh, and then there’s the young, puberty-induced voice cracking population of boys. And they do many, many stupid things. Now post graduation, Grand tells us about one of those stupid things in “Renegade.” 
“It’s about a boy I liked who said he liked me, too,” she says. But then went behind her back and was saying the same thing to another girl. “It’s kind of a revenge song.”
The song, produced by Jesse Ernster and Two Trains Productions, has everything needed to let that boy know he might not want to come around her way anymore. You also can see she isn’t playing around in the song’s music video that was produced by Brad Swagger. It’ll also be on the fourth volume of TOTAL Country BOB FM’s Minnesota Country Salutes CD where all proceeds will go to the Minnesota Military Family Foundation and Tribute to the Troops. Grand says it’s a “true honor” to be involved.
“I understand the huge sacrifice that the military men, women and their families make to serve our country so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have,” she says. “If by contributing to this CD it can help in even a super small way, I’m grateful to help make a difference.”

The CD will be released on Veterans Day on Saturday, November 11th.

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