Erica Hanson Celebrates the Summer with “Livin’ On Lake Time”

By Andrew Ellis, Editor

Erica Hanson knows there’s no time like lake time. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. In the cold months you’re dreaming of the days you can be out enjoying a drink on the lake, and when the summer’s here you can’t there fast enough. She even used her own northern paradise as inspiration for her new single “Livin’ On Lake Time.”

“There’s a feeling once you’re there, that calm, that happy place,” Erica says. “You forget about the craziness of life.”

A weekend at the lake is the go-to vacation for many in the state of Minnesota. Many have family cabins located on the water or nearby. They’re often tucked into the woods of small towns that offer a slower pace of living compared to the cities, and to many a feeling of nostalgia to how they grew up.

“Everything slows down,” she says. “It’s so beautiful up there. You just breathe.”

She’s not alone, either. Ever since she started playing it and has released it it’s been a crowd pleaser.

“I think many people can relate to this song since many of us gravitate north for a getaway,” she says. “Or have cabins that we’ve been going to since we were babies and have been in the family for generations.”

It’s a great chance for her and her family to enjoy the great outdoors. The best part is they get to do it all together.

“Everything from going tubing and fishing with the kids to walking the Paul Bunyan Trail to playing games on the table at night,” she says.

Music comes to mind, too. There’s always music playing at her cabin and you can expect they’re songs that will have everyone smiling.

“Zac Brown Band’s ‘Toes’ and Little Big Town’s ‘Pontoon’ come to mind,” she says. “They’re just feel-good summertime songs.”

It’s also a place that brings back memories of growing up. The cabin she goes to was bought by her grandparents before she was even born. And it serves as a special connection to to someone she was very close to.

“I was very close to my grandma and I can still feel her presence when I’m there,” she says. “With every loon call, every sunset, and every family gathering. Man she loved a good party!”

She’s glad she’s made so many memories up there, and now gets to bring her kids there, too. It could even inspire more songs.

“I’m so happy I get to make memories with my own kids now,” she says. “It’s truly the best!”

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