Chad Johnson Talks About Change on “What We’ve Become”

By Andrew Ellis, Editor-in-Chief

Chad Johnson‘s life went up in flames. A house fire a few years back reduced nearly everything his family owned to ash. And it was just the beginning of a very trying time in his life.

“Over the past few years my life has gone through a ton of ups and downs,” he says. “And one of the downs has been going through some marriage problems.”

It was a result of balancing the recovery process, which included rebuilding their home, and maintaining as normal a life as possible. In addition to his responsibilities as husband and father, he’s got a very demanding work schedule, and a music career.

To say it was a challenge would be an understatement. And unfortunately he fell short in a few areas, especially when came to being the partner his wife needed. The whole situation put him in a bad place, and out of it came the title song of his new album What We’ve Become.

“That song just poured out of me,” he says. “I just felt like we had both changed so much over the years and had completely lost touch with each other, and each other’s needs.”

Most of the songs on the album center around the theme of change. Many of the songs are about his own journey, and others are about those around him who changed. Some of those changes resulted in improvements, but others had more unfortunate results.

“That is why I decided to title the album What We’ve Become,” he says.

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