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Karina Kern
Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, Karina was always a fan of live music. She loved the rush it gave her to go to a concert. She loved singing in her shower, behind the wheel of her car and of course in church and school choir, but never alone. In 2016, right before Karina's mother passed away, her mom asked her to make a promise. The promise was to keep singing music; live, in the shower, in the car, but loud enough so people could always hear. After Karina's mom passed away, she knew she had to fulfill this promise so she started singing at local restaurants and fighting all of her nerves. Now Karina sings in multiple bands, duos and does solo shows with her entire heart and always her mom in her mind. She plays anything from Miranda Lambert, Glen Campbell, Imagine Dragons all the way to Bonnie Rait. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to watch her journey unfold.