I Just Joined. Now What?

Thank you for joining the Midwest Country Music Organization Family!

You’ve taken the most important first step.  So what do we do now? We read this exceptionally long letter. I’m sorry about that, but there is a LOT to cover. Then you just need to decide how deep you want to wade in. Here are some ideas to consider:   

  • First you need to make sure all your info is correct:  your phone number, and email are crucial. If you’re registering as a band, make sure we have the names of your members. If we can’t reach you, we can’t work with you. How do you do this? After you’ve set up your Username and Password, update your profile. This is how we can network together. A few key pieces of info will be mandatory to show up on the roster, Artist Name and Email, in particular. 

  • Head to the Midwest Country Music Organization Members Only Facebook Page HERE and request to become a member. Once we’ve processed your initial sign up form, your membership will be approved. This is where you will find communications from the Board, information on Midwest Country Music Organization events, etc. There is one caveat to this page though, we don’t allow self promotion of shows on this specific page. The reason we don’t, is because if we did, the entire page would just be filled with Midwest Country Music Organization shows every weekend, and we already know where everyone is playing, so it would sort of defeat the purpose of the network. 

  • Take a moment to check out the Midwest Country Music Organization BizX Facebook Page HERE and request to join that group. This is where you will find venues looking for acts, and businesses looking to work with Midwest Country Music Organization Members, among other opportunities. 

  • Reach out to Andy Ellis, one of our Staff Writers, for a possible article about you and your journey to post on the Midwest Country Music Organization site and newsletter, share a story with him about yourself that could turn into a good topic to write about. (Something Unique! What makes YOU be YOU?) Email Andy HERE.

  • Reach out to Midwest Country Music Organization Showcase host artists, to see if there are opportunities to be had at future showcase events.

  • Sign on and like your favorite Midwest Country Music Organization artist pages.  Go to artist performances, reach out and start introducing yourself.  Go to official Midwest Country Music Organization events and showcases and network, network, network.

  • Sign up for the upcoming Midwest Country Music Organization events. These will be posted on the official Calendar, and details will be posted in the blog. They are a great way to network, collaborate, and play with other artist members. 

  • Browse opportunities to work with marked volunteer ‘Mentors’ in various aspects of the music industry who have offered to share their knowledge and experience exclusively to Midwest Country Music Organization members like yourself. 

  • Ask other artists to write with you.  After the Songwriter Forum, use the Co-Write Offering with other artists and get to know the Studios, Producers, and Engineers that are Business Members of the Midwest Country Music Organization. All of these contacts will be available through the Midwest Country Music Organization Members Only Page, Country Music Organization Gone Wild, and BizX pages. 

  • Invite other members to open and play with you and play with other artist members. Again, network network network!

  • Find the Midwest Country Music Organization playlist on Spotify, add (2) of your songs to the playlist, and get familiar with your fellow members. 

  • Submit your music to local radio stations that support the Midwest Country Music Organization. If you look under the Midwest News, there is a great listing of media outlets in the Midwest that support our artists. Use these contacts professionally, and sparingly please. Nobody likes spam, and we want to keep our relationship good with everyone that trusts us with their contact information. 

  • Are you in the market for services or products related to your music career? Inquire about available relationships we’ve developed with businesses to stretch your investment further. 

  • Give back, add value to the organization.   Lead a new offering, be a part of the Ops team, support the organization, become a mentor to others. If you want to help, let me know and I’ll get you pointed in the right direction. 

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to contact Me with any questions you may have. We’re all volunteers here, but we try to get back to you as soon as possible. For me personally, the best results are e-mail and FB messages. Welcome aboard!

Matt Graunke :: Director of Membership

mgraunke@midwestcountrymusic.org :: 763-300-5966