Jerod Thompson
520 3rd Ave NW
Pine Island
JT and The Gunslingers
"If you took Southern Rock mixed with a modern-day edginess and add a dash of good ol' Midwest and a bunch of originality, then you've got JT & the Gunslingers, one of the regions fastest growing bands." ~ Megan Kennedy, Post Bulletin JT & the Gunslingers, based out of Minneapolis, MN, explain they have a completely unique style all their own that is Midwest influenced Country music with a Southern Rock edge. It’s been described as a mix of country, rock, and southern rock – some fans simply refer to their unique sound as “Gunslinger” music. Since their first show in May of 2014, JT & the Gunslingers have been honing a unique sound that they attribute to their roots - being raised in the Midwest. JT & the Gunslingers attack the stage with a veracity that is seldom seen in clubs and venues across the US and they bring decades of experience to the stage.... JT Thompson- Vocals/Guitar/Harp GHS Products used- GHS Guitar Boomers, GHS Phosphor Bronze Thin Core, Fast Fret JT grew up in small town middle America, working on farms, playing sports and loving country music. After graduation, he went on to serve in the military for 12yrs. He spent his time in the Army working in Special Operations as a Ranger in the 75th Ranger Regiment. Where he started honing his songwriting craft that would later lead to a Songwriter of the Year nomination from the Midwest CMA’s in 2018 and then the Maverick Award nomination in 2019. Todd Owen- Vocals/Lead Guitar GHS Products used- GHS Guitar Boomers, Fast Fret Todd is known for his masterful playing of the "Doghouse" upright bass and is equally adept at manipulating twang from a Gretsch or Telecaster (his nickname around town is "Telemaster"). He began playing guitar as a young boy emulating his father, Wayne Owen, who fronted bands while Todd was growing up. Todd was gigging regularly by the time he was 15 with his father’s band SUMMER WINDE. Jimmy Riot - Bass / Vocals GHS Products used- GHS Bass Boomers Over the last quarter century, Jimmy has played bass with bands on Leno, Letterman, Kimmel and Kilborn, and was band leader for Alexa Ray Joel - Billy Joel’s daughter. Jeff Stewart - Drums / Vocals Jeff is referred to as the human metronome on the kit. He’s been Minnesota’s go-to drummer for over two decades having performed with many great MN bands. In their first year together in 2014 they opened for Nashville acts Jake McVey, Craig Morgan, and Montgomery Gentry. The Gunslingers also played in Georgia for all the current active US Army Rangers at Ranger Rendezvous. They have been a support act for the likes of Joe Diffie, Sammy Kershaw, Charlie Daniels, Rodney Atkins, Little Texas, Sawyer Brown, Diamond Rio, Rodney Atkins and Travis Tritt. The band has played the Mid-west’s most popular country music festivals on a regular basis such as Country Fest in Cadott, WI, South Goes North, Harvest Jam, Volksfest, and the Veterans Day Freedom Tour in Louisiana. The Gunslingers have gone on to perform & captivate audiences not only at major festivals but local and cause-driven events such as #AutismSpeaks, #SaratogaWarhorse, #FirstHOOAHMN organizations while exciting honkytonks across the Midwest/South/East Coast. Their radio single “Midwestern Girls” propelled them into the Top 30 in the independent country charts across the nation and got them named to the Top 100 Country Bands in the US according to Reverbnation. TOUR & BOOKING INFO