Eric Salisbury
First Name: Eric
Last Name: Salisbury
Address 1: 5305 Hammersley Road
City: Madison
State: WI
Zip: 53711
Phone: 6086302514
Band Name: The Holler
Band Bio: Based in southern Wisconsin, The Holler plays country music to drink to. While the band’s current set list includes songs from country radio (Lambert, Combs, Musgraves), classic country artists (Jackson, Black, Tritt), and alt-country troubadours (Carlile, Isbell), the band is working on original songs as well. The Holler leans towards the honky tonk and blues rock canon within country music, bringing a grit and intensity to its often 3-hour sets.
Industry Knowledge: Drums
Are you interested in mentoring opportunties?: No
Are you interested in volunteering?: Yes
Artist Name: The Holler